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  • Andreas

    Very good and safe driver. We got a lot of information underway and Suresh gave us good information underway and help with visiting attractiond. Trustworthy and highly recomnended.

  • Astrid

    nous etions 4 amies et avons eu suresh comme chauffeur (nous ne l'avons pas pris comme guide) pendant 7 jours, il a dû nous amener d'une ville où d'un site à l'autre, pour un beau périple ! il a rempli tous les critères d'un très bon chauffeur, il est increvable en conduite, conduit très bien, de façon sécure, nous n'avons jamais eu peur avec lui (ce qui n'est pas du luxe ici !) De plus son véhicule est parfait, grand,confortable et climatisé! Et en plus il y mettait chaque jour des bouteille d'

  • Marta (Spain)
    Marta (Spain)

    Hi! We had a really good days with Suresh visiting: Sigiriya, Kandy, Adam’s Peak and nuwara eliya. We did a lot of things including an amazing rafting! Of course We recommend him! Thanks for this trip! Marta (Spain)

  • Pablo Martín
    Pablo Martín

    My girlfriend and I decided to choose Sri Lanka as a place to spend 11 days of our summer. We arrived with very high expectations because we have friends who had already gone and told us that they had a great time and that the experience is amazing. After having been in Sri Lanka, I can say that the expectations were met and that they were exceeded. Thanks to the driver provided by Suresh (Nizam), we were able to organize our itinerary very well and comply with the agreed schedule. Thanks both!!

  • Maria

    We are two friends who had a wonderfull time visiting the exciting country of Sei Lanka. We were very happy with the tour we organice with Suresh, and we really recommend it to other travellers. For our trip os 8 days we visited: Sigiriya, Anhunadaphura, Trincomalee, Kandy, Nwara Eliya, Ella, Yala & Galle. It is a very complet tour, and we were really comfortable in Suresh's car, and it 's perfect to organize the visit of the country with him, as you dont have to worry about anything. thanks


    It was a wonderful trip with our driver Suresh. During our10 days trip, He showed his professions and try his best to fulfill our requests. And he knew everything about Sri Lanka, like local cultures,foods, spots and souvenirs. We were glad to meet him. He was so nice that we miss him so much when we back to home.

  • Sonja

    Thank you Suresh for accompanying us during our trip in Sri Lanka in April 2017. We can recommend Suresh, as he drives safely and knows his way around the country well. He has a big van and as we were only two people we had plenty of space and travelled comfortably. But as a lot of streets are very narrow, nevertheless you have to be prepared to walk or take a tuk tuk. Unfortunately Suresh had some family matters to solve during our trip, so his friend Uminda took over. Uminda was great!

  • Adrian Bowman
    Adrian Bowman

    Having just returned from a holiday which involved members of our family travelling from Ireland, UK, Munich and Hong Kong to meet in wonderful Sri Lanka , I would like to take the opportunity to thank Suresh for safely and efficiently driving us around the island paradise , nothing was too much trouble for him,he has a wealth of knowledge of the country and is a great communicator of tradition and history of the country we felt our experience was greatly enriched having him as a guide.

  • Ruolin

    Sureth is a great driver and a good advisor. We had a memerable trip in Sri Lanka thanks to him. He is very considerate with his guess, always put himself in our shoes. Plus he drives very safe. We highly recommend Sureth and will go with him the next time we go back to Sri Lank

  • Florence Poirier
    Florence Poirier

    Nous sommes partis à 4 au Sri lanka et avons passé 5 jours avec Suresh en mars 2017. Tout a été absolument parfait. Suresh est très gentil, il nous a organisé des visites sur les trajets que nous n'aurions pas fait de nous même et nous a négocié des hôtels à prix imbattables. Son van est parfait permettant 7 places assises confortables à l'arrière. Je recommande Suresh sans hésitation!

  • Zoe Taylor
    Zoe Taylor

    I heard about Suresh through a private message on Tripadvisor and booked by email for both a car from Kandy to Sigiriya and from Kandy to Ella the next day. Chamilla was perfectly on time each day and had fantastic English, talking us through many interesting things about Sri Lanka that we wouldn't have learned otherwise. The prices were also competitive and Chamilla was an excellent driver - important in Sri Lanka! Thanks again!

  • Marta Fernández
    Marta Fernández

    My friends & I were in Sri Lanka during 9 Days in December 2016, accompanied by Suresh during all the trip. The experience was amazing! Suresh is very friendly and nice driver, he knows everything about the island and he care of us for the whole travel. We visited in his modern van a lot of beautiful places and he was very attentive with our needs. I absolutely recommend to arrange the trip with him! Thanks a lot from Spain! :)

  • Javier Pertíñez
    Javier Pertíñez

    Even though we hadn't planned being with Suresh at the beginning, my group of three people and me are very, very happy and satisfied for having met Suresh. He knows a lot of the island and he made our stay much more better. We were always changing our plans and Suresh was very patient accepting them and helping us a lot suggesting us places to visit and accomodations where we could stay. Thank you from Spain!!

  • Marc & Family from France
    Marc & Family from France

    For an affordable price, we got a modern & clean van with Air Conditioning with 9 seats (much space which is very convenient for kids); Suresh was always on time to pick us up (& waiting for us at the airport arrival). He drove securely & carefully, so nobody got sic all along even when driving on shaky roads or traffic. Suresh provided good insight on the traffic forecast & trip durations so we could adjust our hotel nights realistically given the travel durations. Great Tour !

  • Sergio bermejo
    Sergio bermejo

    Estuvimos 1 semana con el y la experiencia fue increíble e inolvidable, es una persona maravillosa que se preocupó en todo momento en hacer nuestra estancia más cómoda y agradable. Totalmente recomendable tanto la isla como el recorrido con el.

  • Family Baeckelmans
    Family Baeckelmans

    In July 2016 we made a trip around Sri Lanka with our 3 children. We were happy to have such a good driver, this made travelling very easy ! Suresh is very friendly and helpfull. He arranged the hotels and brought us where ever we want. His knowledge of English is good. He knows a lot about the country and we had interesting conversations. He makes his customers feel at home in his country ! We've enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the good service, Suresh !

  • Muhammad Rashid
    Muhammad Rashid

    We as a group of friends took a tour in May 2016 to Sri Lanka of 6 days. Suresh was our convener & driver during the visit. Suresh no doubt was kind enough & friendly to make our tour more felicitate and attractive. We all find him a good guide. In future; we hope everything will be better for him and he will be more successive in his field as well. I personally feel very good his company and may in future be with him soon . . . ! Best of Luck . . . !

  • ali aljabri
    ali aljabri

    Maher driver and knows all the tourist sites and is characterized by high moral And committed to deadlines And I would recommend all tourists in coordination with him and go with him I wish him more success

  • María

    A group of friends took a trip in November 2015 Sri Lanka 3 weeks and Suresh was our driver during the first week. He was very friendly and attentive to our needs. No doubt he would repeat the service with him if we return. We hope everything will go great Suresh!!

  • Liza and kamel
    Liza and kamel

    We had the best experience in Sri Lanka with the best driver ever . Suresh is a GOOD man with all the kindness and professional skills you can expect . The guy is sharing all the good deals from hotels to restaurants , he always asks you about your plans , then he tries to satisfy your wills , gives you best advice . We had medical problem with our daughter , suresh took care of everything , he was the most precious help we could have to deal with the doctors , the pharmacists and everyone.

  • Mayte

    Excellent driver, better person!!!! My family and I spent 10 lovely days in Sri Lanka and we could have not found a better person to show us the country. It makes a BIG difference to be with a person like him. He has take us safely across the country, showing us the most beautiful places. Despite the long hours we spent in the van, we have really enjoyed it, not only because of the views but also because of the comfortability of his van. We definitely recommend Suresh!

  • Cecilia Cai
    Cecilia Cai

    我们很幸运能遇到Suresh,一位认真负责的好司机。一路上尽力满足我们的要求,处处为我们着想。我们乘坐的小火车由于太过拥挤,我们提前下了车让Suresh 来接我们,那时他已经到达了目的地,毫无怨言的返程来接我们,也没有提要求增加任何费用。他知道我们的口味,会带我们去经济实惠又可口的饭店,包车结束我们返程时买不到火车票,找他帮忙解决了包车问题。尽管已经结束了合作,他仍然很关心我们,一直保持联系。对此我们都很感激。 对了,Suresh 有微信哦 Suresh19780916 ,也可以邮件联系他 :Sureshsanjeewa1978@gmail.com. 再次感谢Suresh, thanks so much for the wonderful trip, Suresh, Best wishes to you and your family :)

  • Niels Feerup
    Niels Feerup

    I January '16 me and my wife went to Sri Lanka for the first time. We decided late so I only booked our airfare, first night hotel and (Thanks to Good) Suresh. From the moment we meet him in the Airport he took care of us. You do not have to plan everything from home because Suresh will help you to get exactly the experiences and hotels that you like at a price that is even better than the ordinary tour operaters offer. I have +20 years experience in tourism and find Suresh highly recommendable.

  • Saiya Chen
    Saiya Chen

    我們是2015~2016在斯里蘭卡跨年的一行台灣人。運氣很好,碰到Suresh大哥。他非常積極地與我們聯繫,實際一起旅行的時候也每天認真地一起討論行程。最讓我感激的一點是,七天的旅程後兩天,我和朋友因為非常想去亞拉,可是大部分的朋友要往北準備回去。本來只想跟Suresh大哥請教一下該怎麼解決交通,但熱心的他連後來Yala, Mirissa的住宿和Jeep Safari, Whale watching的行程都整套安排好了。後來到Galle和Colombo,甚至整行人都各自回國之後,他也都有打電話關心我們是否安全。在這一趟旅程被他照顧得很好,非常感謝。 真心推薦這個積極又熱心的大哥! Saiya Chen 2016/1/17

  • Feng

    Suresh is a good and nice person. We traveled SriLanka in July,2015,and we had a wonderful time with Suresh . Beford this trip I had sended several email to some drivers. At last I choose Suresh ,because I consider him as a sincere person. we were luck to choose Suresh as our driver . In our trip, Suresh  provide good service , and answered all of our questions. When we went back home by airplane , a girl seated besind me complained about their driver Who was bad . so I recommand him.

  • Gavan Tracey
    Gavan Tracey

    Suresh took my wife and myself from Kandy to Yala at the beginning of December. The trip was very enjoyable, Suresh has great knowledge of the local area and he took time to show us many things. We stopped at a tea plantation and took the time to do a tour of the factory. We also stopped at some beautiful viewing points and water falls. I would definitely recommend Suresh and his company to anyone visiting Sri Lanka. Gavan & Cathy Ireland

  • Feng

    我们是2015年7月去的斯里兰卡,在找包车师傅的时候,我发了近10个司机的邮箱进行联系,所有的邮件中,他的报价不是最低的,比较适中。 经过几番邮件的对比后,感觉Suresh这个司机特别真诚、友善,回复的邮件都比较及时和详细,最后我们选择了他。 在9天的旅途中,Suresh的服务真的很好。带我们的酒店环境都很好,价格也按照我们的要求,没有特意去找一些高价的酒店。在旅途中,也不断向我们介绍各个景点,还有我们问了一些斯里兰卡的生活和人文方面的,都很详细的回答。我们要求去一些买纪念品的商店,他都带着我们去。另外,Suresh是个虔诚的佛家徒吧,听他说他几乎每天都会去佛牙寺拜拜的。 在回国坐飞机时,隔壁女孩都在抱怨她们的司机如何不好,Suresh都没有发生过,我们很幸运遇上Suresh 这个好司机,真的值得推荐。

  • Suze & Koert
    Suze & Koert

    Suresh was our driver to Dambulla and Sigiriya today, we did a one-day roundtrip with our start- and endpoint in Kandy. We had a wonderfull day; Suresh is a really kind and warm person, who knows a lot about his country. He's willing to answer every question, speaks good English and is also good and interesting company talking non-travel topics. We felt safe and would definately recommand him. Best of luck, Suresh!

  • Tony

    Suresh是我们2014年去斯里兰卡的包车司机,人很好,过去一年了,居然还能联系上,真是有缘。谢谢他的服务。对了,他有微信,号码是Suresh Gunawardhana

  • Eva

    Hi! In March 2015 I spent some days in Sri Lanka with friends. Suresh was our driver for six days. He was very helpful and explained us many interesting things about Sri Lanka. He was a good driver and we felt save all the time. I can recommend him!

  • The Hossains
    The Hossains

    Suresh is such a kind and helpful guide! He took us from Kandy to Colombo, where we stopped by in tea factory, took the elephant ride, and buy some local fruits. Thank you and good luck! -Yusie, Indonesia

  • Jenny

    I had a great time with Suresh and his family. They explained me lots about the culture and citys in Sri Lanka. I enjoyed great food and felt very confortable and save with him. Thank you very much and all the best.

  • Joey Liu
    Joey Liu

    Sorry for the late comment sir and all the readers! Our guide is indeed a brilliant one, who is much experienced and kind. He offered warm and clean accommodation and pointed out the improper schedule of our trip. With his accompany we enjoyed our days in Sri Lanka and appreciated the beauty of the land.


    He has experience in the tourist places in Sri Lanka and a driver and has a distinctive create beautiful and I would recommend travelers coordination with him to arrange the flight schedule And we wish him success

  • Chen

    Suresh is a great and experienced tour guide. He knows Sri Lanka well. The places he showed us, the hotels he helped to book are all good.

  • Chen


  • Chris

    I reached out to Suresh via email shortly before a 5-day vacation in Sri Lanka -- he was immediately helpful, promptly replying and arranging to pick me up at the airport in Colombo, drive me 3-hours to Kandy, and was a very pleasant guide/driver. Chris New York, NY, USA

  • Maud Thorssell
    Maud Thorssell

    My family and I spent a week in Kandy in April this year. Suresh took good care of us.He informed us about his country, famous places and drove us around in a clever way.He also drove me to Kandy Lake early in the morning to my daily running around the wonderful lake.He speaks good English is a nice and polite man.I can highly recommend him as a guide and driver.